Social Justice by Pastor Phiko Adonis

The concept of Social Justice is more than a philosophical concept. Rather it is an attribute of our Creator. From the bible, from where human nature and existence can be traced,  “God created man to rule, subdue, dominate the earth, rule over fishes and all creatures on the earth.” – Genesis 1:26-28, God’s original intention was never the human rulership over another human.


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Justice is premised on the concepts of dominance and rulership, therefore the root cause of injustice is the rulership of one person over another. Rulership must be exercised on the earth and the creatures on it not on human beings, there will never be justice in a place where people are ruled by others. Kingdoms and Dynasties thrived on man-made systems of power, systems encouraging the subjection of fellow humans by what would be deemed the “Ruler”.


God is just and therefore God loves justice. Social Justice can be defined in many ways, I believe that Social justice is the sharing of earthly resources, equally and living side by side with all people, in harmony. No one should desire more than what they need because that is breeding ground for greediness and rooted deeply in human heart, greediness gives birth to injustices of all forms. If only we could look at the world and see that there is enough to go around for everyone.

Social Justice is a concept grounded in the idea of people living amongst themselves and love being the core value that ties up these societies.  And when we come to understand the true meaning of social justice, we will never treat others as less important than ourselves.

God created us and in His infinite wisdom, created us diverse, with different shades of skin colour, a variety of languages and similar yet different value sets, I believe that is to show how unique, awesome and sovereign He is. Social Justice does not see people through the lens of colour, gender, societal status and all other ways we have categorised each other, instead, social justice sees each person through positive self reflection. We must do away with the conceptualisation of politics as way of attaining power over others and factionalism; where views of how life should be lived emanate from.  If we maintain this standard of living and regard or treat each other according to societal status, we will forever experience the kinds of injustices we are currently living through in our societies. 


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We need a system where people will be governed by their conscious and be able to determine their own future. We do not need systems where humans are governed by proxies who decide on behalf people rather  than people deciding for themselves.


Social Justice is the core of humanity for all people to live in peace and in harmony.



Pastor Phikolomzi Adonis is a  born-again Christian based in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa and is serving as the Assistant Pastor at New Covenant church. He is also a very active social and political activist, currently the Provincial Chairperson of an organisation known as the Students Christian Organisation (SCO) , which does a lot of work in tertiary institutions in and around South Africa, a Political Analyst at UCR FM, a Lecturer at KSD Tvet College. He is currently pursing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science at the University of South Africa. Above all, he is a family man who adores his wife and two daughters.

We want to thank Pastor Adonis for this simple yet profound approach to the subject of Social justice. Indeed God desires that as human beings we should be a people living peacefully  amongst ourselves with love being the core value that ties up our societies.

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